Thursday, April 25, 2013

My English Addiction

So apparently I am good at creative writing. Who knew??
Taking my English 2020 class at SUU really opened my eyes to the whole institution, and the constant praise from those around me didn't hurt with this epiphany either... So here are some passages that I really liked writing. Enjoy!


Through the window I could see the line,
I’m never old enough to be there.
These people know what they are, know what they want. 
I promised her I would stay inside, 
she doesn’t want me to sing my song, do what I want.

“There is only foolishness out there,” she says.
Sometimes these words create a burning in my head, 
Confusion, anger, guilt, and shame
Swirl around without making sense.
But I sit, watching through the window,
Waiting for my turn. 

Arizona, Camp Verde
The land changes quickly,
Almost every year, water leaves its mark. 

They come in, wash out, muddy and mess up 
What was there.

The kids don’t play on the sidewalks,
There are none. Their mothers yell
To get out of the cars way,
When they should be more afraid of the riverbanks.

Teenagers love the ice cream place, Hal’s,
You know, the one with the horse on top.
Never knew why, but that horse stayed for years 

Until the storms took it down. 

Rocks Caves and Sagebrush
Paul, running around those caves, 
his friends making up games as they went, 
The enemy starship had landed
and the aliens were upon them.
The boys, using thumb and forefinger
for their weapons of choice.

The jagged rocks, open cave faces and sagebrush 

echoed and ricocheted the shouting and gun shots.
Those pesky foreigners, almost beating them. 
The sun gets low, the rest of the aliens can wait.
Exhausted, they run down the hill,
to where mom had fixed them supper. 

Well there are three, but I have many more! I will be posting a couple every time I get on. Let me know what you think! 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Best is Yet to Come

So here is the next project that I have finished!

Its a maxi skirt with a lace detail at the bottom.

Tell me what you think!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

projects galore

So I have just finished my newest project!! It's my swimsuit cover up and I think its dashing. Here are some pictures. .

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Little Sidetracked....

I haven't started the wrap bracelets yet.... I know I know, but I have started, and finished, my very first Maxi Dress! Yay!!!

Here are some pictures:

(Normally my boobs look nicer, but since my sunburn was refusing to let me use my real bra, I had to fashion a makeshift strapless one... it was very terrible.)

I love the color, fabric and styling.

Not to brag...  but this dress only took me about 4 hours start (and thats including time to find the fabric) to finish.
You better believe that I am making more:) I am gonna recycle all those old t-shirts that I really don't wear any more into maxi dresses, both short and long!

Here is a link to the place I learned how to make this, I hope you guys like this tutorial too!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

~My Summer Countdown~

So as of today, there are 80 days left of summer; 80 days before I move back down to Cedar City for my sophomore year of College. 

So since my life right now only consists of sleeping and working, I need a hobby, and I think I have found a great way to pass the time. 

I am going to create a calendar for crafts this summer! On my list of things to do is: 
DIY Maxi Dress
DIY chrysanthemum mirror 
DIY embellished braceletes 
Makeup picture frame
 - you get the idea. 

This week I will start on an easy one, I kind of have a crazy work schedule... 

So Project 1 - DIY Wrap Bracelets

This tutorial makes these look so friggin easy, so when I am done, I will upload the photos I take and then onto the next project!!! Yay! 

Thanks for reading -